Success Stories

With great performance, transparent cost and a service delivering up to 80.000 images per minute SeLoger would “Absolutely” recommend us to peers with similar needs.

Alexandre Nérat, CTO

“A Build instead of Buy relationship!” Easy and fast integration as a native feature in BuildFire’s SDK

combined with a high quality CDN delivery and effective image optimization features.

Daniel Hindi, CTO

"As the mobile traffic is growing, it was obvious we had to implement some kind of resizing and optimizing solution."

Marta Roszkowska, PO

“Cloudimage not only saved us hours of custom development to write our own solution to handle dynamic images, but also hours of integration because it was done in just one day!”

Daniel Marshalian, CTO

"We spent quite some time working on an in-house image resizing solution, but we experienced many challenges.”

Ingo Schoo, CEO

“The set-up was really

simple. We were happy with the pricing and the solution.We process a large amount of pictures and failures are insignificant.”

Alexander Sloan, CTO