Beyond a DAM solution

Media asset management & acceleration: all-in-one

Accelerate your Content to the Market

Filerobot manages the life cycle of your media assets in 4 simple steps


  • Fast media upload and ingestion
  • Replicated storage
  • Collaboration
  • Smart tagging
  • AI content moderation


  • Inline image editor widget
  • WebP and JPEG compression
  • AI-powered transformations
  • JS and CSS minification


  • Smart Delivery Network with multi-CDN acceleration
  • Responsive Images
  • Lazyloading
  • 360° spinner


  • DAM Dashboard
  • Real User Monitoring (RUM)
  • Global delivery performance monitoring
  • Alerting

The Media Server in the Cloud that
your Teams will love

The platform for Digital Asset Management and Acceleration

Lead Developer


My daily routine consists of juggling between a dozen of tech tools to make teams happy.

I need powerful APIs and Cloud servers to store our resources, transformation features and a CDN to speed up delivery, etc.

My challenge is to easily integrate the DAM into our CMS and PIM.

Marketing Manager

Organization and Collaboration

My team creates many visuals for marketing campaigns: landing pages, ads, newsletters, etc. As each of us edits the content, we have challenges collaborating and accessing the latest versions.

Good organization is essential to collaborate effectively and save time in the creation of our multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Product Owner

Performance and Speed

I am responsible for providing an attractive and high-performant platform to our users.

It is essential for me to ensure that all of our media is properly displayed on our website.

They need to be optimized to boost our SEO. My challenge is to manage all types of media and to monitor their performance.

Time to talk about your Digital Asset Management strategy

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As an EU-based SaaS company, Filerobot is a fully GDPR-compliant DAM. Visit our Privacy Center to learn more about how we protect your and your customers' personal data.