Media Optimization

Beautiful visuals won't be enough to convert your audience: light and fast media are key factors to improve your SEO and UX.
Filerobot's media optimization and CDN are powered by Cloudimage.

Effortless Uploader

Multi-function Uploader enable your users to upload media, files and any assets fast from anywhere via Filerobot's reverse CDN

Easy Image Editor

Easy-to-integrate inline image editor for users to apply basic image transformations, filters and watermark to images in the media library or newly uploaded images

Automated Media Compression

Filerobot generates optimized URLs of your images, videos, PDF, JS, CSS files to distribute light and fast versions on web and mobile apps

Only Responsive Images

Deliver the perfect image size to any screen size

Pixel perfect resizing

Responsive images are part of Responsive Web Design (RWD) and are challenging for every developer and application. Every image size must be generated server-side to optimize its loading time on any device. Filerobot's Responsive Images plugin solves the complexity for you.

360° Product Views

  • Show the best side(s) of your products to sell more

    The Filerobot 360° Spin Plugin enables 360 degree user experiences.

    Whether from inside (property, room) or outside (product, model), conversion rates increase significantly thanks to augmented product views.

    All 360° views are made out of optimized and responsive images, which are delivered lightning fast over CDN.

Not sure about your media performance?

Run a report to find out if your images are correctly optimized and how you could do better.