Enterprise Digital
Asset Manager

Enterprise Features to comply with your internal policies, security and scalability requirements.

Your company is special, so must be your DAM

A reliable and secure solution that will fit into your environment seamlessly


Access to the Filerobot Console via identity federation (SAMLv2) and Multi-Factor Authentication. API Authorization follows the oAuth2 standard. Protection from DDoS attacks.

Replication & Backup

Cross-regional storage and upload architecture with distributed nodes (reverse CDN). Distributed computing for optimal processing performance.


As a European company, we ensure continued compliance with EU data privacy laws and regulations and with the GDPR.

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Enterprise Support

Advanced and Premium Support offerings with dedicated Technical Account Manager and 24/7 support.

Enterprise Add-Ons

Modular add-ons for smooth migration, monitoring, performance and AI-workflows


Multiply your business

Multi-tenancy allows you to manage multiple projects or customers from a single "pane of glass" administration console.

Every project contains a separate storage container, CDN distribution, configuration settings and usage statistics.

Cloud Collaboration

Share and manage your teams and projects

With seamless cloud collaboration, grant access to your teammates into Filerobot and allocate different permissions for different folders, or projects.

Or if when working with third party members, Filerobot provides Airbox which allows third parties to upload files into your library and Sharebox which allows third parties to download shared files sent by you.


ML-based image compression

JPEG is the standard compression algorithm for digital images. It has not changed in 20+ years and is not adapted to today's requirements for speed.

Optipress is a ML-based JPEG re-compression algorithm that will determine the optimal JPEG compression parameters to reduce file size without visible quality loss.

CDN Warm Up

The Go-Live absolute must

Your images are optimized, resized on-the-fly and sent to the CDN for delivery through Filerobot.

Shorten the time between the first image call and its delivery by warming up the CDN .

User experience on first page load will be greatly enhanced.

Real User Monitoring

Performance monitoring from the field

Our lightweight RUM script sends performance information (DNS time, TTFB, TTLB...) of your media as perceived by your end users.

Optimize your media delivery with performance data coming straight from your users.

AI-Powered Workflows

Custom Automations

Managing millions of media assets is challenging and requires categorization and workflows.

Detect an existing watermark, smart-crop an image or automatically blur faces for privacy reasons... are few examples of the workflows you can build with Filerobot.

Filerobot Quick Start

Implementing Digital Asset Management has never been easier

Basic performance audit

Images optimization process support

Upload process
integration support

Advanced Integration and training