Sorting your Rich Media has never been easier

All-in-one customizable Digital Asset Management.


Filerobot's Uploader Widget is a must to enable your teams to enrich your media library with new images, videos, CSS, JS, docs, MP4 or PDF files. Its uploading API makes any migration from external media libraries easy and fast thanks to multiple global data centers. Integrated into your Back-Office, it can be fully customized (media search, free-stock images and icons, AI-based auto-tagging of images and smart cropping, etc.)

Discover the Uploader Widget


Get all your assets stored within our searchable repository and library services in the Cloud. Filerobot can then replicate assets into several media servers and different cloud providers in the world for added security. We rely on the best market standard in terms of media hosting.

With the multi-tenant option: you will be able to create as many containers as you need to gain flexibility. Each container can be seen as a separate project (of a separate Client if you are an Agency) which has its own media library, CDN distribution and statistics.


No need to struggle anymore with Photoshop for last-minute edits: your team can make essential image transformations directly from the Filerobot Media Library, with no required web-design skills. Your team can create, retrieve, update, edit, and delete assets from your Library.

Furthermore, you can update images by placing a watermark (dynamic or static), pre-set a zone of interest in an image and create new versions of your images in seconds.

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Provide Filerobot access for your teammates. Apply different permissions and levels of access, depending on the user and project in question. Implement validation steps before content goes live, to ensure internal reviews and standards are met.

Need to collaborate with external Users? Use Filerobot Airbox and Sharebox to allow them to upload and download specific folders and files.


With Filerobot, you set the rules of the game! No more media duplicates or endless versioning numbers; you can choose whether your team can upload the same assets multiple times or create alerts to prevent you from having duplicates of an already existing asset in your library. The impact? Clean digital content management with a qualitative assets database instead of a messy media library.


Upon uploading or after creating new media in your library, you can add manual, preset and automatic content tags to your images to find them easier and faster. These tags are added to your media’s metadata for an extended search experience.

Moreover, you will be able to enrich the assets metadata by creating your own data-set (product, languages, currency...) that will turn your DAM in a light PIM.

AI Workflows

Improve the media asset life-cycle by using top-notch artificial intelligence features (image recognition, file transformation, face detection, auto-tagging, etc.).

Our machine learning experts can create a custom workflow to automate the sorting and categorization of your assets.


Make your DAM safer than a vault! Filerobot provides security at all levels to protect your valuable media with multi-factor authentication, data replication, image watermarking, CName, domain whitelisting, URL signature and aliases.

All your digital assets at your fingertips

  • Manage your entire asset life cycle in one place

    Store and organize all your assets in one single source of truth, directly from your back-office

    • Media Upload from any place, via Console, API or Uploader Widget
    • Collaborate with your team or externally with your clients
    • Grant different permissions to your users or team when accessing your Library
    • Sort out your library according to your business workflows
    • Replication and security of your media assets
  • Top-notch processing and editing capabilities

    Images, videos and static files represent up to 80% of a page's weight and takes hours in editing and managing versions

    • Reduce processing time: inline media edition
    • Weight off your visuals: on-the-fly resizing and optimization, responsive design
    • Distribute your assets lightning fast, all around the world
  • Know all about your Media Asset

    Keep an eye on all your media assets by monitoring essential metrics

    • Manage your metrics: storage, transformations and traffic
    • Real User Monitoring: immediately spot potential delivery issues and provide an enhanced user experience
    • Security at all levels: Single Sign On, Multi Authentication Factor, permissions, URL signature, custom CNAMEs, backup solutions