Collaborative Digital Asset Manager

Intuitive media asset and content management, acceleration and publishing to run best-in-class marketing campaigns.

Accelerate your Content-to-Market

Cross-team collaboration for omni-channel marketing initiatives


Save time organizing, searching and editing your media.


Publish faster to create more digital experiences.


Improve your SEO by creating fast-loading landing pages.


Achieve global outreach with multilingual SEO and CDN delivery.

Unleash the creative potential of your Media

Choose a DAM to keep pace with your Content Team

  • Create a new Media

    With cloud collaboration, your teams can easily add their artwork into a shared media library by using a single drag’n drop uploader, directly accessible from your website’s back office. With our Airbox and Sharebox tools, you will be able to collaborate and exchange media with third parties.

  • Manage Versions

    Provide Digital Content Management by setting and creating rules for your workflow integration to avoid having any duplicated files already inside your DAM. Be able to sort your images, videos, PDF and other static files in a neat and organized way.

  • Enrich your Search Experience

    Use our preset tags or create your own to make a smooth search experience in your media library. You are able to create your own fields to have your own set of metadata for your media. Labeling your media by different currencies or languages are a few examples of what you can do to enhance your search.

  • Customize your Assets

    Edit your images and videos to get them fully ready to get published. Crop, watermark or add filters before using the predefined formats to generate banners, thumbnails and social media from your images.

  • Keep it light

    Publish only fast and responsive content to your users. They’ll be delighted by your landing pages, wherever they are and whatever device they use.

Publish unique Digital Experiences in a few clicks

Build beautiful, fast and SEO-optimized landing pages to run global marketing campaigns. Filerobot’s intuitive CMS includes:

Use ready blocks and themes

Choose an appropriate theme for your business and half the work is already done.

Display your brand

Freely experiment with palettеs or use brand colors of your company.

Responsive design

Your landing pages will be correctly displayed on all devices.


Effortlessly create multilingual landing pages.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Improve your website’s search engine ranking by setting up page titles and descriptions and 301 redirects.

Start creating Next-Gen Content

Find the best DAM to keep your team’s creation pace and reach out to more users!